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hello love,

i'm ro!

accelerating creatives to feel connected, confident and at peace with sharing their creations online.

through raising the collective consciousness at the intersection of digital media, authentic connection and sound -

let's create a story that brings us joy to share!


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hi again! i'm rosemary "ro" fajardo (they/them) ♡

since 2000, i’ve been a multidisciplinary artist who evolved into a multi-certified energy healing yogi in 2015. people best know me for…

  • production for ghost adventures, travel channel & discovery+’s #1 paranormal show
  • creating global genuine connections both in-person & online
  • activating people into their spiritual & holistic healing journey
  • organic behind-the-scenes & event videography for social media marketing

so that’s why i’m here to share what i’ve learned with you!

you can primarily connect with me on instagram, youtube & twitter :)

photo by: enrique malfavon

empowering content creation from a

place of...








after our sound healing i felt a deep connection to my highest self and wholeness. i’ve also noticed my voice/writing are feeling upgraded!

thank you, ro. you are pure love, thank you, for the light and healing you bring to this world.

— mariko brenner (jun 2022)

trauma healing coach

bridging the intersection between digital media sound authentic connection

producer / creative director / editor

rosemary “RO” fajardo

director of photography / cam op / colorist

enrique malfavon

sound engineer / mix & mastering

colleen mcmillian

bts photographer

kristy veiga

studio location

the art haven